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The idea of Element Riders came into being as a result of individuals who are interested in and practise some of the more radical outdoors sports.

By participating in these sports one certainly learns to face and experience aspects of life, which one would not be exposed to under ordinary circumstances.

It is these experiences which give rise to more appreciation of nature and life, the physical, philosophical and spiritual views of how these came to be and how they work.

By truly experiencing life fully and in total honesty, people can connect and share, look out for each other, respect and understand that each persons perspective is unique and has relevance.

So we want people to become more aware - to experience life in more intense ways and hence to make their own contribution to the growth of human kind.

Element Riders is a platform for a community - pictures, videos and articles generated by this community are very welcome and can be shown on this website and/or on our facebook page. These will then be updated on a regular basis.